First blog post…ever

So this is mt very first blog post, ever. I’ve never blogged before or set one of these sites up. I’m excited to see how this goes. Setting this page up was not too hard, since it seems like WordPress made it easy for anyone to set it up. What took me a long time was figuring out what theme I wanted to use for this website. ┬áThe first picture above I borrowed from Google Image, more specifically, Amazon. I love dogs so I’ll probably just add a lot of pictures of dogs. The dog below just looks hilarious. I also got it from Google Images.



3 thoughts on “First blog post…ever

  1. Hello, upon arriving on your page I noticed the picture and felt comfort as I have three dogs myself. Your page is very inviting, because the pictures are light-hearted and your first post is causal and relatable. One thing I would suggest is to make future posts more informational and detailed to really grasp the readers’ attention. Overall, great and inviting page!


  2. Hi! I agree with Alex, you chose a really good picture for your home page. It really made your blog more unique and different from the other blogs. I liked how your blog post was simple and straight to the point. I also think you did a good job with the color scheme of your blog. It’s simple, but it’s still easy to read. The only thing that I would improve on is where you put your links. The little button on the top right corner is where the links are all housed but I think it would also be nice to have links at the bottom of the page as well, just so that someone doesn’t have to scroll all the way back up just to navigate to a different part of your blog.


  3. I love the theme. For me, picking a theme was definitely the longest process of creating my site as well. Your dog picture is that “front door” into your blog that is really eye catching- giving your blog an enlightened and happy mood for veiwers. I think you did that very well, however I think the theme is very zoomed in and focused on your one post. I would’ve liked to see a preveiw of it instead of having to click into a new page.


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