Making of my header

Making my header was not easy. It took me a while to figure out what pictures I wanted exactly to be used for it and why. When I decided on the major background picture, which was a simple street view of New York City, I had to decide on the other two pictures. I decided on the street view of New York City, because it was a nice, calm, and cool. I decided to make a header with my blog’s theme, dogs! I gathered two pictures of two dogs, a Shiba Inu and a pug, those are two of my favorite dogs. I wanted the header to be them walking down the streets of New York City. I opened up Adobe Photoshop and made the edits.

I did not have much struggle with this, because I have worked with photoshop before. I’ve edited photos and made pictures before so this was a breeze. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted, which was probably the most difficult part for me. For my fraternity, I sometimes work with making the flyers, designing and editing them. This was similar to that, so it came very naturally to me when I was working on the header. Typically, the hardest part for me is always coming up with an idea, so that usually take a long time for me.

I love doing these photoshop edits, so I do hope to be doing more of these later on in my life, maybe partly as a graphic designer or helping out. I haven’t really thought about how I would apply these to my life fully.

If you go to my About section, you will see all the steps I took to make my header.


4 thoughts on “Making of my header

  1. I love your header! It’s so fun and it made me smile, especially the pug. I can see that you have skills in photoshop because the picture is edited together well. One thing that could be improved though is the overall theme. Im not sure what the look you are going for is, since it’s not very colorful and the header is fun but I’m not sure it establishes what the content of this blog will be.


  2. Anthony your header is awesome. I really love dogs and i also love NYC so the fact that you put them together is hilarious. The two dogs are both very different yet in the header they look as if they were in the picture naturally. I think your design and idea was great, however one thing i would change or in fact add on to the header, is more dogs strategically placed all around rather than just two.


  3. Anthony,

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I LOVE DOGS! Seeing your blog is based around dogs made me happy and jealous since I didn’t think to do mine on dogs as well. I really like your rationale behind creating your header. The only thing I would suggest is to incorporate more dogs crossing the street to really drive your theme.


  4. I think your header is really creative, and props to you for knowing how to do stuff like that in Photoshop because it honestly would’ve taken me forever!! I like that it goes with your blog’s theme to keep it relevant, and I think placing the dogs in the picture the way you did makes it look funny and adds some lightness to your blog! The NYC picture though seems kind of random if you don’t have anything that goes with that on your blog but overall I appreciated how you decided to design your header!!


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