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  1. I never would’ve thought to use Audacity (since I have a mac) but it sounds like it worked for you very well! The levels of the vocals and the music were pretty equal and you were easy to understand. One recommendation I have is possibly writing out a script ahead of time so you don’t have to say “Um” as much. However, I do understand that it’s super weird hearing yourself talk as well and that can make you say “um” and stop and think so great job!


  2. Hi Anthony! I understand what you mean by it took a while! I like how calm your music was and how it flowed. It seemed very natural, along with your speaking. I think I would have tried to use less “filler” words!


  3. Really like your podcast, first of all your voice is so clear which is awesome. Thank you for telling the software that you used, I will try it next time I make a podcast. One thing you could work on is just the flow of your voice, I know its hard but you can talk with out saying “uh” and things like that the podcast will flow ! Other then that, great work!


  4. I enjoyed your podcast because the topic of your website is about dogs! I have four of them so I got super excited. I liked the music you used behind your voice because it wasn’t too distracting and was simple. If they were two different songs, I really couldn’t tell the difference. So I would maybe do two songs that don’t sound so similar.


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