My experience with the podcast

Wow. Honestly, I do not like the sound of my voice. I could only listen to my podcast a few times before finalizing it. I used Audacity instead of Garageband because Garageband is only for Apple computers and I do not own one. I’ve heard of Audacity from a friend and I’ve used it to clip music and sounds together but not for podcasts. The only research I had to do was relearn how to clip the music to the segments I wanted and adjust the sound without messing up the quality of it. I originally had some problems because my desktop’s microphone was not working properly and I thought it was the program messing up. I had to switch to my laptop in order to record my podcast.audacity_logo_r_450wide_whitebg.jpg

I chose these particular songs because they are calm and relaxing, which went with how I wanted my podcast to go. The first song is from the Ori and the Blind Forest soundtrack and the song is called “Calling Out”. The second clip of music was from the League of Legends soundtrack and the song is called “Tidecaller”.I thought my work is okay for the very first time doing a podcast. Obviously the more I work on it, the more I will get better at podcasts and more confident with my voice.

Professionally, I do not see myself doing a podcast in the future because I really do not like the sound of my voice and I am not a huge speaker. It is cool to work with the program and mess around with the music, so I could consider editing other people’s podcasts in the future. I thought it was cool that you could upload the podcast onto Soundcloud and then post the link onto the WordPress site. It was a fun and interesting experience,however I do not really look forward in doing more podcasts.


One thought on “My experience with the podcast

  1. I like how you went into detail about why you chose audacity and how you see yourself professionally in the future making podcasts. I also liked that you spoke the entire time during your podcast! I didn’t think about doing that myself so instead I played music in the beginning and also ended with just music in the end. I’m not sure if podcasts are scripted usually but maybe you should write down the points that you want to address in order to have a smoother podcast talk. I struggled with this as well so I ended up writing down the points that I wanted to address.


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