Screencast experience

Hey guys! For this assignment, I used Screencast-O-Matic. This program is amazing. It is quick to use and easy to download. Once I downloaded it, it opened up automatically and was ready to go. Recording and uploading the video onto YouTube was easy because I have a background in working with videos. The only problem I had was finding a good ePortfolio to go with my blog. I had to search all over the web and it took me at least 20 minutes. I finally found a good one and from there the assignment was easy. I thought my work is pretty good since I was able to learn about recording and video-editing before.

I’ve thought about video editing and shooting before as a profession and I might consider it as a career. I do not have a major in the Arts or am really good at it, but I can always give it a try. I’ve edited videos for my fraternity and other organizations. This skill can come in handy as a perk for jobs or positions. I could see me working in my IT career in the future and my boss might need someone to record and edit a company video. I would be able to provide that and maybe get on my boss’s good side. Anyone could benefit from this skill as videos are used for everything nowadays. A creative project could be  midterm or final project for a class that can incorporate screencasting. A lot of information can be found throughout the computer screen so screencasting it would be helpful.

This was a fun assignment and I enjoyed using this program. I do recommend anyone to use Screencast-O-Matic and they could even benefit from a donation or two. Screencasting may not be super popular right now, but with enough presence it can get big!

Safe screencasting everyone.



3 thoughts on “Screencast experience

  1. Hi Anthony, I liked your screen cast. I loved the ePortfolio you picked because it was a great example on how creative ePortfolios can be. I also liked how you took us through his website the way it is supposed to be navigated through. One thing I do think it needs improvement on is comparing the ePortfolio to others similar to it, or even different from it, to show why this particular ePortfolio is special and worth looking at. I also wished you critiqued the ePortfolio more with things you think could have been better, considering the background you have in web-design. It would have been cool to hear your perspective and your expertise on the matter. Overall, I liked your screen cast a lot. It was entertaining and interesting to watch.


  2. I thought your screencast was cool, the only thing is that you didn’t compare it to a different blog and discuss the two disparities. I myself also found screencast to be easy to use which really surprised me. Hearing the professor talk about it made me nervous but it was fine.


  3. I think it would be awesome if you did video-editing as a career! Especially because that seems to be a profession that, while obviously improved by taking classes, can also definitely be picked up as a casual hobby and then turned into a job–on the other hand, I do think that most IT jobs will definitely require some kind of screencasting and video-editing experience, as so many companies deal with e-learning nowadays.


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