Memes is a fairly new internet concept. This meme actually contains two memes. The first one is the Arthur meme. The Arthur meme basically expresses anger through this photo of Arthur’s fist curled up. If you watch this particular episode, Arthur is very angry and expresses it to his younger sister.  The second meme is about Harambe, the gorilla that was controversially shot. Since many people believe that the gorilla was wrongly killed, many people turned that into a meme. The meme basically describes people’s angry thoughts of Harambe being called “just a gorilla”. What are great about memes are that they can be used again and again for different situations. Memes can be used for many different situations and current events. Below are some examples of a more memes.

A successful meme comes from the timing and reaction from people. It is extremely random in my opinion when a meme gets popular, but when it does, it will blow up the internet. One meme that I believe was random and did not originally seem to be a good meme was the “Cash me outside” girl. I believe that meme is extremely stupid, but the internet turned it into a meme sensation.  Memes are a great comic relief for people and something only this generation seems to understand. Lots of memes come from random funny moments in people’s lives and they are shared on the internet. A successful meme can last a very long time.

Here is a reference link to a website about memes. It gives descriptions of the different memes as well as the origin story. It is a great website to understand this generation’s internet sensation. Memes are definitely interesting and a great comic relief to many of the issues we have going on in this country.






2 thoughts on “MEMES R 4 EVERY1

  1. Anthony, you had a really good point about memes being about timing and reaction. Also I totally agree that the “cash me outside” meme is annoying and I can’t wait for it to pass. Harambe is strong example of a meme having surprising longevity.


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