List of 5 Midterm Websites

Hey people! This is my top 5 list of midterm websites I found on the forum.

1. – Lara Watrous

The name in itself is extremely unique and attracted me from the start. When I opened the website, I saw a really simplistic design filled with pictures, which I think is really aesthetically pleasing. I can tell away that this blog is about nature and pictures. Another exceptional aspect is the gallery widget on the bottom, a cool feature that makes it a successful blog.  Lara also used quotes in each of her posts, giving a deep meaning to each post.

2. – David Hernaiz

Another website that had a very interesting name. Unsigned Unmastered gives an enigma vibe that attracts people. One aspect that makes it successful is that David went the extra mile, with the header including links to various social media sites. The layout is also really nice, placing all the posts on one page for easy access.

3. – Connor Accorsi

This person used the same layout as my blog and use it well. Connor’s pictures add a nice aesthetic to  the blog. He chose colorful pictures that envelope his theme of festivals. He gives good information about his passion for festivals and the podcast was nice to listen too.

4. – Amanda Mason

Amanda’s blog is a continuation of her music reviews. This blog’s simplicity attracts people as it has easy access to all contents of the blog. Her black and white picture works well with the black and white theme that she chose for her blog. A cool aspect she added is the location widget that located at the bottom of the blog. Amanda seems very interested in her work and it shows in her blog.

5. – Krystian Nycz

Another great website that contains great information and visual features. The theme chosen makes the website very easy to access and look through. The amount of posts and information given makes this a successful blog. There is also a lot of videos included which is helpful for his blog as it is about soccer. The tags cloud helps with choosing a post depending on what we are looking for.


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