My Group’s Work with the Storyboard

To be quite honest, my group did most of the work for the storyboard. On the day we chose to meet, the most optimal time, I had class to attend. However, my team did a really good job in writing all the information in a Google Document so I could see it afterwards and took pictures of all the work and uploaded them through GroupMe. These communication tools were extremely helpful for me to catch up in understanding what had happened when I was gone. We communicate mainly through GroupMe and Google Docs which I find extremely helpful. I plan on contributing more and helping out, but it was unfortunate that I had class during the time of when we met. Our group leader is a great manager and I believe our plan is solid. We chose an organization that we are all happy to work on. It seemed like we wanted out storyboard to mainly include us talking about the organization and a view of the organization we are discussing. We decided on this type of storyboard because it is straight to the point and include all the necessary information.


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